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Rumbia Bio-Tech Sendirian Berhad is a foreign-funged company registered in Malaysia under Companies Act 1965.

Rumbia Bio-Tech Sendirian Berhad succeed in applying natural biological hydrogel into beauty care product and brought a new revolution to beauty care field after spending 8 years in the research of natural biological hydrogel in corporation with MNA-JAERI.

In year 2013, Rumbia Bio-Tech Sendirian Berhad entered into China, joint venture with Jiangsu Dasheng Group and formed Jiangsu Dasheng Rumbia Bio-Tech Sdn Bhd, to make further research、produce、sale on H2O Cooler Patch, Bio Hydrogel Mask and other series of hydrogel product.

The company has built up an approximately 2000m2  of grade 100000 closed sterile GMP standard automation production system, and has obtained a licensed issued by the nation qualification in class II medical devices, cosmetics production license qualifications, as well as the CFDA certification.

As a company mission " Hydrogel to build a better life". Make it become domestic biotechnology leader in the field of new materials.