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Hydrogel mask as a mask substrate, interior rich in nutrients and moisture needed a lot of skin, strong sticking of the skin without irritation.

Principle hydrogel mask that the material is a water-soluble hydrogel (Soluble Hydrogel), which water as the dispersion medium, when the gel stick to the skin, body temperature is affected, physical changes inside the gel structure : from a solid into a gaseous state and the melt and penetrate into the skin.


Compared to traditional materials mask, water-soluble gel its soothing effect of fever, acute skin injuries, such as allergies, Changdou, abrasions, and effectively improve the laser photons, RF, microneedles, lattice after surgery on skin redness, burning, and drying and other symptoms, have a good effect, it is widely used in the field of facial skin care and beauty

       The company's two water gel product brand: