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Technology:Having gone through 12 years of intense research and development process, the research team managed to isolate the hydrogen and oxygen from the water molecules, via a physical molecule resonance process initiated by a high-tech machine. These independent hydrogen and oxygen thus generate a unique suction and release forces when the Cooler Patch is placed onto human skin. It sucks out body heat when the hydrogen evaporates, which is why the surface of the patch turns warm after use. The patched area however turns cold as the release-force pushes the oxygen into the human skin. The bio-active ingredient in the Cooler Patch is very useful to us, especially the rich oxygen content, which is one of the most important elements to regulate our metabolic rate, improve blood circulation, provide hydration and promote body detoxification.

Function: Hydrating, Provides cooling, Releases body heat, Provides oxygen

Recuperative care for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy : 
 The patient’s body cells normally die off substantially after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which could lead to inflammation in many cases. Most patients would experience high fever and other uncomfortable symptoms as well. H2O Cooler Patch would be ideal as it could speedily release heat from inside the body, while the body would be hydrated and filled with rich oxygen. As such, patients would feel cooling, soothing, relaxing and calm after use. A good night’s sleep is just what they need at the end of the day.

Direction to use: 
 Tear open the aluminum foil and remove protective film. Place gel sheet on the affected area with the support of the stickers or fixed net bandage. (If necessary)
 H2O Cooler Patch requires adequate air circulation in order to take full advantage of its biological activity. 
 H2O Cooler Patch assists evaporating our body heat to the surface of the non woven maintaining the gel with cooling effect. For sanitary purpose, use each patch only once and discard after use. Repeat with a new patch when it is dry. Do not cover the H2O Cooler Patch to avoid side effect.