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It is one of the first 100 percent natural bio-gel eye mask in the world that is free from chemical additives, preservatives and fragrance. As the world’s first sago hydrogel mask that is made of sago essence, water soluble polymers and 80 percent of water, it brings you five ultimate bio-medical beauty regimes namely hydrating, whitening, nourishing, soothing and restoration. Its sago hydrogel and the unique three dimensional polymer netting work in pair perfectly in revealing a translucent and youthful skin around your eyes with a touch of irresistible smooth texture in just five days.

•Free from chemical additives, preservatives and fragrance, it is a 100 percent pure natural product.
•Provides concentrated oxygen to the skin around the eyes to enhance the metabolic process.
•Helps to hydrate and nourish the drying skin around the eyes, thus giving you a more refined eye appearance.
•Effectively relieves the skin around the eyes, improving crow’s feet, fine lines and dark eye circles.
•Stays on comfortably around the eyes, providing oxygen and nutrient to the targeted skin.
•The unique ‘C-Cutting’ design fits the mask perfectly in place, taking good care of the eye wherever and whenever.